Yami-Ichi & KORRA jeans fashion pop up event

Sunday October 23rd Noon - 6pm

Meet the acclaimed fashion designer Mia Morikawa, and buy yourself a pair of exclusive hand tailored custom denim jeans.

KORRA™ is an Indian clothing brand founded on the pillars of purpose, sustainability and conscious consumption. Based in New Delhi, the brand has reached consumers across 16 countries since it’s inception in June 2014.

KORRA™ jeans , jackets , aprons and accessories
are made to order with organic raw denim by skilled craftsmen. 
Prices range from $15-$120
How does it work?

step 1.  show up  :  it usually takes 20 minutes to find your fit + place your order
step 2 : once the order is placed  your Korra jean is made to order the next day
(cash debit and credit card payments accepted) 
step 3:   your order will be delivered at your doorstep 7 days later! 

# Singletailorsewn
each piece sewn by one tailor
from the beginning to the finish,
who signs off & uniquely numbers it

# Rawselvedgedenim
denim at it’s purest and structural best

# Customfitted
available in sizes from 24-44 | XS-XXL
including in-between sizes

Korra produces individually hand tailored custom made raw denim jeans, for woman and men. Each pair is made with natural or recycled raw materials with an emphasis on sourcing each element locally.

Each pair of jeans is made from the start to finish by a single tailor. Korra believes that this significant departure from mass manufacturing is necessary to bring the user closer to the maker, and keeps the maker close to his craft. Each product made is marked with the tailor’s signature and numbered ensuring traceability. The integrity within products made in such a way translates into a feeling which is understood immediately and is beyond words.

Experience KORRA™ online www.korra.in